Shira Route


The shira route is a little used trail that begins near shira ridge. The route approaches mount Kilimanjaro from the west beginning with a long drive from moshi to shira ridge.

Itinerary Details

Elevation: 3610 Metres

Distance: 6 km

Trekking Time: 2 hours

Zone: Rain Forest/ Moorland Zone

This is a easier day as the day take only two hours walking to shira 1 camp. Dinner and overnight at shira 1 camp.

Elevation:3610 Metres To 3850 Metres


Trekking time: 3-4 hours

Zone: Moorland Zone

Most of the trails looks flat and easy to walk to the shira 2 camp, it will give us a chance to visit shira peak and get good view of kibo peak in western part.

Dinner and overnight at shira 2 camp.

Elevation:3850 Metres To 3950 Metres

Distance: 10km.

Trekking time: 6-7 hours

Zone:Alpine Desert

We continue to the East up to lava-tower point 4600 metres we stay there for few minutes having our lunch in order to acclimatize then trekking down to Barranco camp. Dinner and overnight at Barranco camp.

Elevation:3950 Metres To 3930 Metres

Distance: 5 km

Trekking time: 4-5 hours

Zone:Moorland Zone

We begin the day by descending into a ravine to the base of the great Barranco wall. Then we climb the non-technical but steep to 4300 metres. From there we step down to the valley and ascend to the top of next valley to karanga camp. Dinner overnight at karanga camp.

Elevation: 3930 Metres To 4600 Metres

Distance: 4 km

Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

Zone:Alpine Desert

It is another short day going to Barafu camp as early as we get there we do more hiking for acclimatization and back to the camp for lunch, we expect early dinner and rest ready for the summit at midnight. Dinner and overnight at Barafu camp.

Elevation: 4600 Metres To 5895 Metres To 3700 Metres

Distance: 17 km

Hiking Time: 12-13 hours

Zone: Alpine Desert/Glacier Zone/Rainforest Zone

Very early in the morning(around midnight)we begin our push to the summit, this is the most mentally and physically, challenging potion of the trek, we do slowly to the Stella point 5730 metres.

The path cross to the crater rim on the way to summit After the summit we start descending to Barafu camp for short break,then continue down to the mweka camp. This is the longest day of trekking. Dinner and overnight at Mweka camp.

Elevation: 3700 Metres To 1640 Metres

Distance: 8 km

Hiking Time: 3-4 hours

Zone: Rainforest Zone

On our last day we continue the descend to Mweka gate there we collect our certificates give the thanks word to our crews.A vehicle will meet us there to drive us back to the hotel in Moshi.